Turning Gun Play Into Fun Play

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Working in an early childhood setting I have seen many young children engaging in imaginative play involving guns.  Recently it seemed to on the increase, and until recently gun play was always positively redirected, however after reading an article by Karen Fontaine printed in a local primary school newsletter we discussed various approaches:

Are toy guns and make believe gun play an indication of future aggressive behaviour, or a harmless normal part of childhood?

Early childhood development specialist, Dr Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett, advocates that “There is and always has been an interest with was play, with boys just gravitating towards toy weaponry from a really early age, however there has not been a single study that has linked pretend gunplay with future violent behaviour.”

Dr Neilsen-Hewett believes that parents and educators need to watch how children are playing, as play is like a window into the child’s soul.  Children use play for different purposes, it is about fun and enjoyment, but play encourages children to understand concepts or make sense of what is happening in the world around them.

Most experts would agree that if you forbid gunplay completely it becomes more of an issue.  Dr Neilsen-Hewett states; “When children have a balance of gunplay and other forms of play, it’s not an issue, however if a child plays only with toy guns and is exposed to violence within the home and in their neighbourhood and all of their play is aggressive; then yes, they are at risk.”

Psychologist, such as, Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget, highlighted the benefits of imaginative play as a vehicle for learning, believing that through play children make rules, use symbols, create narratives, make discoveries, and modify their current thinking to incorporate new insights (Montie Xiang & Schweinhart 2006).

There are parents and educators who strong believe that gunplay is unacceptable, and that is their belief which must be respected, although Dr Neilsen-Hewett notes that adopting a strength based approach to behaviour management is best; talk to the children about toy guns, give the reasons why you don’t like them, explain why you don’t what them to play with guns, and then provide other forms of play that are as inviting.

At work we brainstormed the positive aspects of guns:Gun Play




Teachless Education

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This week the learning path made me think of my studies years ago.  I had just finished school, and was working in a pharmacy and studying my Certificate III in Pharmacy Retail.  One week we were learning about Kodak products, and I remember listening as the speaker talked about “talking photos”, where the photo will capture and play a few seconds of voice recording – back then I was thinking “Wow amazing” – today I am thinking “This is a thing of the past, today we have video recording on a phone which we can share in an instant.

On the studydesk, we thought about the concept of Driverless cars.  As the studydesk noted when cars first came out it was argued that the owners should employ professional drivers to ensure that people’s lives are not at risk by reckless driving.  Obviously the argument for professional drivers was not won.

But what about driverless cars?  Well many car manufacturer’s are actively looking at driverless cars.


Also during the learning path we thought about teacherless classrooms.  Thomas Frey penned an interesting article “Teacherlss Education and the Competition that will Change Everything.”   I agree that a childs’ parents are their first ‘teacher’ and that young children soak up information from the world around them, including television.

Do to my committments I am completing my Bachelor of Education online, and to this point, I have not entered a uni classroom.  However I would not have made it this far, if I didnt step into a classroom and study my Diploma and Advance Diploma in childcare and gained a strong base for the further studies.

What implications would this technology have on society?

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The Smart Classroom

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I am half way through week 3 and the overwhelming feeling is subsiding slightly.

No doubt technology, especially ICT is becoming a fundamental part of our daily lives and the school envrionments appear to be embracing our ‘way of the future.’  This and the fact that my Professional Development is fast approaching I wanted to research what the classroom envrionment is like today.

I found a blog by follow student Alice’s blog in relation to Smart Classrooms.  Alice like myself and many follow students have been searching for interesting, different and informative information on ICTs.  Alice posted a link for the Queensland Goverment which highlights hoe they are incorporating ICTs into home and school learning envrionments.  Like Alice, I found the link useful with good information relating to student expectations and digital practical guide.

On Alice’s blog I read a comment by follow student CarmenGamble who shared a further link from Wynnum State High School which relates to the Digital Practice Framework.

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Were were all studnets once

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This post is unrelated to the course, but thought it would be great to read the opions of others.

Are assistants ‘cleaners’ or are they viewed as valuable qualified professionals?

As a groupleader working within a long day care centre I value the input of assistants and believe that it benefits the room to allow assistants to actively take a group time.  I feel that by this, it will help the children to show respect of all educators and promotes the centres philosophy that we provide high quality care with qualified professionals.  As well as providing continuaity within the room when the groupleader is absent.

Understandably groupleaders and assistants have set responsibilities, and its the groupleaders responsibility to design and implement a weekly program based on the childrens needs and strengths.  As a groupleader there are times when cleaning and other mandane jobs gives you that much needed break, while still providing the children with learning expereinces.

Should assistants be allowed to take group times in some/all rooms?

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Hi my name is Rebecca and I am a third year student studying my Bachelor of Education Early Childhood at University of Southern Queensland.

I have a wonderful partner and three amazing children, who have been my rock through my studies and these assignments, I couldn’t have made it this far without their love and support. My partner and I have been together for 4 years and have a blended family. We have two boys aged 14 and 6 (today) and a 13 year old girl. Without thier love, support, help and calming influences, I don’t think I would have made it this far. When I FINALLY finish we would love to foster children giving those in need a chance.

Even as a little girl, growing up in the country riding horses, I wanted to be a teacher. I have worked in childcare for the past 6 years from an assistant to director and special needs educator. I have loved my journey and watching the thrill as a child masters something new is amazing. Children have taught me so much about life and myself. I couldn’t image not working with young children.

During this degree I have learnt so much about ICT’s, most through trail and error (even setting up this account). I will admit I am technology challenge but look forward to learning more during this course. This blog is designed to document my highs, lows and success through EDC3100 ICTs and Pedagogy.

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